Landscape Design

Outside Alive specializes in landscape design.  Hand drawn and well thought out designs specific to the function and environment of the property offering timeless beauty.  Drawn to scale, our designs may be used for HOA and city approvals.  We are not landscape architects, however we have developed a relationship with a local landscape architect.


 We can install complete landscapes, which also includes lighting and irrigation.  We provide construction services such as grading, lot clearing, and additional site work.  The key is in our supervision from beginning to end.

HOA Maintenance and Consulting

We can assist HOAs with developing a scope that can be used for bidding work for proposals for grounds maintenance and services.  Criteria for neighborhoods should not be generic and budgeting for the right need is very important.

We can handle facets of your ground maintenance and landscape needs or contract a long-term business relationship.

Front entrance and common ground enhancements are our specialty.  Developing a plan and budget is the key start to any project and we are experienced in this work. 

Infrastructure changes; We can assist and manage such instances and help integrate the changes it may cause to the landscape environment.

Rehabilitation and Selection

Sometimes a landscape needs to be brought back to a maintainable state.  Not all landscapes are wrong, although improper plant management may have caused landscapes to have lost its pleasing look.  We can prune and properly return the planting back to the great idea it once was.

Selecting of a specific detail to change the overall look of a landscape is a great icing to a well baked cake.  We can be hired to create and facilitate the improvements, while making the adjustments needed to do this correctly.

Large Tree Planting

Large caliper tree planting; We have done several and provide the peace of mind to do it right.  We can also move many large caliper trees safely.   Just contact us for a free consultation.  Additionaly, we provide tree care for the future health and development of your trees.